From: curtis buckley


Phone: 66 961944 936

Reason for Contact: Getting a Free Evaluation


My name is Curtis Buckley, 59 year old male from Thunder Bay now living in SE Asia and in need of a family lawyer for a “stale dated” divorce proceeding initiated against me in 2005 or 2006 but never completed. The court awarded custody of the children and spousal abode to my wife and we had a discovery of facts I think it’s called where the judge heard submissions or whatever with a resulting order to go to court

I need to conclude this matter and seek your advice and input on resurrecting the stale divorce proceeding and bringing it to a conclusion.

I reside in Thailand and cannot return to Canada due to current covid19 situation but am happy if you can point me in the right direction. There are minimal assets, the spousal abode and not much else except for my wife’s business assets.

Look forward to your reply and take this matter forward.

Please advise your fee structure and if you need anything further from me at this time.

Thank you and regards,

Curtis Buckley

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