From: Kerry Hansen


Phone: 8076312227

Reason for Contact: Asking a Question

Would like to discuss misconduct of executor in charge of estate of Gary Everts.
The will is in your possession as I received documentation from you about the Will. The will clearly states to be divided fairly and equally between 6 benefactors.
To date my parents Don & Gwen Everts have received 93,000 dollars each deposited to their back accounts. My brother and sister Donald Everts and Shelley Harris have received funds. A US account was split between parties.
To date I have not received any funds of any kind. I do not have access to documentation of process or accounting of said fund distribution. I have an estranged relationship with the executor and feel this estate is not being handled in my best interest.
I ask that you look into this matter and contact me. . Kerry Hansen

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