From: Brandy Irish


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Reason for Contact: Getting a Free Evaluation

Hello I have some questions and I’m looking for information regarding family law. I am the grandmother to my son’s two children aged four and five. The children’s parents have been separated for 4 years. They currently reside with their mother and her mother’s on again-off again spouse. My husband and I are hoping to split custody with their mother, as we are concerned for the kids. The mother is erratic, not reliable, mentally/emotionally unstable, on ODSP for intellectual/learning disabilities, as is their father. There is currently an access agreement between the mother and father which I am to facilitate in my home and as a mediator so they don’t have to speak to each other. Their father is not dependable, and we never know if he’s going to turn up. He seems to have no interest in attending his access, but we really push so the kids will be able to come over. Many times, he storms off with kids crying and calling for him. It’s my understanding that we have grandparents rights if my son is not in the picture?
It is certainly in the best interest of the children to continue coming here a couple of times a week, but we’re hoping for more – for their own physical/emotional/mental well being.
Really hoping to speak to Deborah regarding this issue and get things moving if we have any options to move forward.

Brandy Irish

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