From: Trish Johnson


Phone: 250 640-8050

Reason for Contact: Asking a Question

Hello Deborah,
I have an appointment scheduled to see you Wednesday, June 26th in the morning (next week). I will have to reschedule when I am able to do so.

An unexpected turn of events with my health has forced me to cancel my flight to Thunder Bay which means that I must cancel the appointment in which Grant Niemi (my brother) and I were to come in and speak with you.

I will find out more within the next week but my Dr. advised me to stay home and get immediate treatment (surgery & chemo). Grant does not know yet- I will tell him toward the end of the week.

I hope to be back somtime in the summer- even if it is simply to rest out at the lake. So I will keep you posted.

If we need to talk on a Conference Call this summer- might that be possible? I could arrange that Grant meet you in your office.

Thank you so much!

Trish Johnson

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