From: Linda Paquin


Phone: 807-220-0468

Reason for Contact: Booking an Appointment

Hi there Deborah, I do tend to do things backwards I am an artist and a Cancer, and tend to think with my heart first, always.
Gary Martin was kind enough to ask you a few questions and let me know you may have time for me for a consultation.
I have already sent you a quick background but it is just some of it of course, and the latest thing that is taking my sleep is the question that no one seems to give a good answer to and it concerns information from a corporate Lawyer and corporate or informed accountant, and realtor.
I could be called back to my job with Valard Construction at any time, and that is my concern.
I go for 3 weeks into the bush at a time and 1 week out. The forest fires are terrible and I am hoping that the cooler evenings and rain have helped put them out.
I haven’t replied to Timothy my currant Lawyer, because I am concerned of my costs each time we talk, I already owe Henderson’s firm and find I get no real answer each time, as we just don’t have all the information we need to have a sound answer to Petrone’s questions, you know?
I do hope you consider meeting me, I really would like your point of view, and have read your website moral, and like why you started your firm.


Linda Paquin

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