From: Paul Roberts


Phone: 4165509351

Reason for Contact: Asking a Question

I am following up on my previous communication of a week and a half ago, your client Larry Stenlund advised he couldn’t find the contact number for either the purchase or their lawyer and advised me to contact your office to inquire if you could provide this information. The parcel PIN is: 624870009 and which was transferred on October 27, 2019. Mr. Stenlund wasn’t sure if he advised the purchaser of the project and not sure if the agreement with NextBridge was forwarded to the purchaser through the legal teams. Notification has to be made to the purchaser of the survey work to be conducted on the property within the next week and a half and then notification of construction commencement and reclamation activities. If you can advise if you have the requested contact information. it would be appreciated.

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