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My brother-in-law passed June/2019-I was a benefactor in his will-(for 20% of his estate up to $100,000.00)
His sister (who was executor passed away Mar/2020 and signed everything over to her husband –
I waited 15 mths to hear from a lawyer about my brother-in-laws will (as I had no contacts and didn’t know who his lawyer was.
Finally Aug 18/2020-I receive a letter from the executor’s lawyer-stating all assets were transferred into his name and I would only be getting $1000.00.
I called and emailed and was told they need me to sign a affadavit-for the thousand dollars as they want the estate settled and if I kept emailing questions-the lawyers fees would be taken out of the $1000.00/
I had asked for a copy of my brother-in-law’s will which they sent (done by a different lawyer but in the same firm. I also requested to see the payout of the estate settlement (and the debts of the estate )-but it wasn’t sent to me’.
My question is: how can a lawyer release funds to their name-when my brother-in-law left me as a benefactor-WHY have a will-if someone can change it.
I was told by the the lawyer that my brother-in-laws assets were a small size so no Estate Trustee was required.Someone is Lying as my brother-in-law sold his house in Kenora for $750.000.00+ then bought a house for $400,000.00 in Rosslyn (King George Park Rd) I also know he had assets (with Scotia MCloud well worth $500,000.00,His sister got the new house/plus a brand new $80,000.00 truck and now all the assets.
All I need to know is how can this be-when I’m in the will and get nothing (except a $1000.00) I need some answer’s please.
Thankyou for your time-Regard:Sharleen Warren

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